This weeks adventures….

Our more structured learning took the form of our Schofield and Simms work books this week for both maths and literacy. Each day we do at least a page.

2015-02-09 12.07.52

We never push past what she finds comfortable so as soon as she gets bored we take a break or pack it up. We try to do this in the morning when she is fresh and more receptive to learning. But this is not always possible with me childminding. So I fit it in when she can get my undivided attention which is usually be for children arrive or when they are napping.

I also took advantage of a discounted buy for a web-based maths program IXL Maths


A little assistance is still needed to help her read what is required but it has a nifty audio button that reads the question. She really seemed to like this and I am wondering whether to let my subscription to Readingeggs and Mathseed lapse and just use this and Teach your monster to read instead.

As well as this we have been reading the next in the first reader series from Usbourne.

On a less structured note. A letter arrived from America as part of our geography project. New York to be exact.

Yhx_yeXxZhjxfiOTkAfwlRlgX-lVfMdnNq3gzIJdnDT6=w980-h524-noWe have started some research about the state. Learning that the rose is the official flower and the Apple of course is the adopted fruit and symbol of New York, and of course that the $ is the official currency of America as our friend kindly sent a $1 bill in the post.

And to tie into Literacy we looked at he form of the letter, the differing way the address was wrote on the envelope and of course how to write a letter back – in this case a postcard, how this had to be done and Lil with assistance helped to sound out the words to write a postcard back.


Chinese New Year is upon us this next week. So I have used the opportunity to learn more about it as well as  introduce some crafts. We made paper dragons and Dragon masks as well as chinese lanterns.



We also took a trip to China town herein Manchester.



We shall be heading back to China Town mid-week to take part in some of the celebrations.

We also watched some great online clips about Chinese New Year for her age group.

Preparing for CNY

Celebrating CNY

CNY Story  – animals of the zodiac

Along with our usual activity of park and soft play visits – Home Ed forest school started back this week.

20150212_100553Rock climbing will be starting up soon and I also need to look into swimming times at the local baths so we can attend regularly.

2015-02-08 15.01.43Lego is becoming a bigger interest. In fact any kind of construction holds her attention which I encourage as much as possible. This week I bought a Lego idea book to help her with construction worlds further. She has asked if we can film the Lego stories she makes. So I will be looking into an app of some sort to help me do this so she can make mini films independently.

I also requested the free challenge cards and also the Ideas box from the Dyson foundation. The challenge cards are on the way, but I have to wait and see if we have managed to book the Ideas box. (Info can be found HERE)

Our Experiment this week was a continuation with the topic of reactions We made bath bombs last week, so again we looked at acids and alkali’s reacting.This tim Fizzy Colours. Now I don’t expect her to remember everything about an experiment, but I encourage her to use the language of science so she understands it in the correct context.


Lil loves hands on science. So I am always on the look out for new experiments.

20150210_180225March is British Science week and they have a tonne of activities/experiments listed on their site. I shall be having a good look this week to plan a series of experiments to lead up to Easter.

We also managed to attend the theatre this week. We are not able to do this as often as we like because of costs, but I planned this trip a long while ago. Because how could we not go to see the Lion KIng when it came to Manchester.


The show was fantastic, and she was mesmerised from the beginning. Believe it or not she has never watched the movie, which i think made it more engaging for her as it was new story brought to life.

So this is the highlights of our week in a nutshell. Obviously there have been so many more learning experiences over the course of 7 days. From her interaction with other children to grasping th concept of pennies and pounds when we are out shopping. Her confidence in talking with adults. Decision making. Plus she is getting very adept at negotiation. The list goes on.

What I am finding is that outside of the classroom the learning taking place is constant. It is not compartmentalised, but is fluid and shifts and changes to fit with out natural rhythm as a family and sometimes  it is so organic that it is not until later on reflection that I realise learning has taken lace. Just doing this blog post I had to sit and think and separate out what it is we have done this week, yet in each instance there were multiple subjects and disciplines being explored and navigated.


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