Kids Art Week day 2: Crayon Resist Night Sky

Day 2’s lesson can be found here!

Again we were excited to do this as it linked well with a prject we did on Van Gough’s Starry Night a month or so back, so it was nice to revist that work as well as look at this project and use different materials and techniques.

I remember doing these types of Art works as a kid, and was so glad this was included.

This was a little more challenging today for Lil but we got there in the end. As you can see she produce a great peice of work, but more importantly the processes, and having to think about what she was doing was great to see, even if she got frustrated with herself and me 🙂

Setting up. The best bit about these lessons is that they use resources you may already have or can pick up very cheaply. The Pound Shop and Home Bargains (UK based shops) had what we needed cheaply.
The best bit for Lil I think. Creating different patterns on the paper.

More fun adding the paint and blending colours… surprisingly we haven’t used water colours before so that was a new experience.
The tricky bit for Lil was understanding how to do the relief….she doesn’t like my “help” so we had a battle of wills while I tried to help facilitate and she refused and wanted to figure it out for herself much to her own frustration..but we got there in the end.


Her finished piece of Art work. .. I’m going to leave the resources out today and see if she gets inspired to try it again…..


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