Kids Art Week Day 3: Leaf Printing

Oooh I liked today’s activity ( which can be found here )…especially as Lil is such a nature lover and we have to be put at least once each day so she can get up close and personal with the outdoors…


So this was right up our street…… After I introduced the topic she took herself outside returning 10 minutes later with a selection if leaves ready to get started.


We have done leaf printing before but I think it was the added extras of making the prints into something new that got her imagination fired up.



The printing was quite infectious and myself and my eldest daughter did some too.


We were very pleased with the end results. ..Lil’s personal favourites were her wolf with blood and her butterfly.


The wolf with blood she told me was because shed seen the wolf with a bloody hand in the Diddly picture at the Gallery…when I sat and thought about what she was trying to  explain.  I remember from our Trip to London last week we had seen Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Dali, she was riveted by the depiction of a wild dog with a severed hand in its mouth, in the background of the painting … the painting obviously made an impression.

Our end results.




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