Kids Art Week Day 4: Nature Faces

Todays lesson was so inspiring!

We started the day on a nature trail in the park collecting leaves, twigs, stones and flowers to add to our already heavy stash of natural items we collect when out and about.

Once home we watched the lesson video….Lil was bouncing to get started.

She spent a good hour making different faces with the items we collected as well as incorporating paint



After she finished we also spent some time researching the Artist Andy Environmental Artist who was mentioned in  the lesson video. ..Lil was riveted. We watched so many different videos surrounding  his work…all I could hear was her exclaiming “Amazing” as she watched him work in the environment creating sculptures…

We watched the following Videos

Andy Goldsworthy Naturalist Artist – P1

Andy Goldsworthy Naturalist Artist – P2

Andy Goldsworthy Documentary Rivers and Tides The ice sculptures here were amazing!

She was so inspired she create one of her own



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