Wow I don’t know where the time has gone…. but it’s October in two days and we’ve been so busy I’ve hardly had time to update the blog. Rather than backtrack I think I’ll just start from where we are now and what curriculums we are following.

Science and nature are big on our agenda and rather than decompartmentalise the subjects I want Lil to know that everything is interconnected and for her education to be as seamless as possible.


For this reason I am using a lovely nature curriculmn written by a lovely home educator local to me.
Exploring Nature with Children
It is a week by week curriculm to follow, which follows the seasons with suggested activites, nature journaling, poems to read and listen to and also a piece of art to compliment that weeks lesson. With lots of suggestions for extended activities. And the thing is it fits in so well with our every day activities that it is effortless to “teach” but also a joy to watch Lil explore the world around her.


The past few weeks was about the  Autumn equinox, observing the changing seasons as well as journaling about mini beasts etc. Its been a wonderful adventure as you can see from the pics below, especially with Lil engaging in writing as she switches off with workbooks and sheets, however journaling enthuse her.




imageAlong side the nature curriculum we have been using Mystery Science

I signed up to special offer years free subscription. It is absolutely fabulous. It is aimed at elementary school teachers. So yes it’s American. However science is science.

Each lesson has a video to watch, which pauses and asks questions for discussion, for you to hypothesis, before more video to explain. Then a video on the experiment to go along with the lesson, so the student understands what they are doing. Then after doing the experiment you come back to the video for more questions, extension activities. There are also printables to accompany some lessons. It really does fire up the mind.

So at the moment we are working through – Plant adventures: Life Cyces, Traits and Adaptions. It compliments the nature curriculum perfectly. And it’s hands on. And for visual learners the videos are engaging.


Here she is doing the seed dispersal experiment.


seed dispersal 2 seed dispersal




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