Creeps in….fights way through cobwebs… “hello……..” I’ve not posted anything in just over a year… I’ve been using a closed Facebook group to post pics of our journey but it means I don’t muse…and I miss it.

Soooooo. .this week I’ll be updating my tabs with resources etc. .and adding some GCSE links as minion 2 aka the boy has joined us in being Home Educated. I de registered him just before Christmas 2015, so he didn’t return to school last January. ..its been a learning curve but a very welcome one…I think it deserves it’s own post so thats what I’ll do this week as Home Edding a teen is so different than with a little one as there are so many other considerations. I thought I has at least another 8 years before I had to worry about exams etc with Lil…but no!

So life is busy…with juggling work ..Home Educating two different age groups and just dealing with life.  So watch this space for updates……






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