Lil’ Lady….

Minion 3’s year has been a slow progression…I’m trying to keep her engaged and thirsty to learn. ..however her being able to read has been paramount in her gaining her independance in learning…as I’ve mentioned before she’s determined to do everything by herself. .reading is a tool she needs to be able to do that…so mix in that she hates to ne wrong and shuts down if she does get something wrong (no matter how encouraging I am) it’s been…shall we say intetesting. However re entry it’s like a switch h has flipped…she’s all of a sudden reading everything, which is spurring her reading confidence…and it’s making a huge difference to our “sit down” learning as well as her day to day interactions. .. don’t get me wrong she still tells me the English language is “stupid” and I have to agree …. 

So as with minion 3..English and Maths are a staple amd we do these most week day mornings… I then mix it up with History, Geography, Art, science and as much general learning as we can cram in..such as politics and philosophy and critical thinking.. along side sport. 
Gymnastics has just come to an end as they’ve moved her class to a time I work I’m on the look out for a new class so she can continue. ..and she is also doing her Nibas award in Rockclimbing alongside minion 2 … other than that our years has been a mixture of …. 

Lots of outdoor play… Lil lady loves the outdoors so we are out often on nature walks or doing her favourite thing..climbing! 

Relatable Maths… alongside online maths learning and the workbooks. I’ve been trying to make maths more relatable. .she’s measuring in theimage above… she really enjoys maths..prefers it to English. ..however our topic on time was interesting to say the least … 

..even now she gets her hour and minute hand mixed up ..which has lead to some amusement…
Art has been another big love…we’ve looked at so .any artists snd I cannot count the times we’ve visited art galleries…

Hundertwasser inspired art

Van Gough inspired 

People portraits using watercolor, salt, crayon, and acrylic. Using the work of artist Jean Dubuffet as inspiration.

We’ve also been doing alot of STEM learning. ..accessing workshops through Hack oldham and Madlab and the science festivals around Manchester 

I’ve bought into a few online learning websites and apps to break up the monotony of well- me…  Mystery Science. .Literacy Planet..Nessy Numbers. ..Chess (somethingorother) and Discover M World (a new one) 

Along with all this we have alot of downtime. ..which mainly results in her getting creative in some way…she’s always tinkering… 

She can now do the knit stitch herself….which she is very proud of.. such a great skill to have…and her sense of accomplishment is amazing…

Hub explorers gardening club…its fantastic from fork to plate. .she learns so much about nature here…

Gymnastics… she’s really progressed. .so have to find her a new class quickly. ..

One of the many events we’ve been to..we got to meet the Author Michael Rosen as part of the Manchester Literature festival

Rock climbing. …just hanging around like you do…

As well as the above we’ve visited the theatre and watched Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing..been to the Ballet twice, watched Andy from Cbbc’s Andy’s Prehistoric Advetures in his Andy Raps show, attended an interactive dance/theatre production, watched a play about women’s roles in WWI and got to see her favourite Minecrafter in his show ….  Dan TDM and this past week attended her first classical music concert. 

So things are pretty varied as like me she has alot of great loves as of yet but she has plenty of time to figure it all out…


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