Hanging out..

..quite literally in minion 3’s case.

So Monday lunch times are for climbing..morming consists of some written work..English or Maths then we head out to climb…

Lil’ lady’s confidence has sky rocketed since she first started…she’s like a spider. .and minion 2 was a natural. 

It is the only sport he likes and looks forward to..emerging out of his dungeon (small box room) happily, well minus moody teenage grunts, to Co operate and venture out into the light of day. 

I love everything about Rockclimbing and appreciate it so much more since I decided to climb whilst at the centre with them..do much critical thinking goes into it..its not just about the body but the mind too. We are going to invest in some climbing shoes for the boy in the next week so we can go ore regularly and we won’t have to hire the shoes.


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