Hands on History….

We started History with Lil’ Lady…

I bought the following work books from CGP

they are really good..but I didn’t want it to be dry….I was told a while back about the University of Salford’s community digs. So thought I’d get in touch and luckily for us they had a 2 week community dig at Marple Lime Kilns. 

Estatic wasn’t the word… so I arranged for a group of Home Educators to attend.
It was fabulous..we got a tour of the area with the history explained. .

The Kiln was a neo gothic building built between 1797 and 1802 to burn limestone. The Census returns for 1841 and 1911 showed that many people lived as well as worked at the Kilns..

This was the bottom of the Kilns which stopped rinning in 1900. Where they made Lime… Lime was used by farmers to mix into the soil to make the ground more fertile ..as we as lime being used during burials etc…

What you see on the right hand side would have been the main door, and on the left are two windows which would have acted as natural light to the Kilns as well as to those who lived in housing here which would have been far left (out of sight) but still part of the Kiln area…by all accounts the owner Samuel Oldknow  was a very good employer… and built fabulous housing by the centuries standards but I can’t help but think it was all to do with economy. …out of bed and straight to work…


Here we’re on top of the Kilns. .

… the depressions are the chimney stacks..they’re all filled in now as the place stood empty for 60 years and became unstable…

The children did a small survey and that was also explained ..why and how it is done.

I didn’t realise they’d do this but so glad they did as will help with relating to our History topics…Then they got stuck in…


Beginning with a funny intro on how to use an Archaeologists most treasured tool..the trowel! Safety rules of an dig and then they really got stuck in …mud rain and all! 

Lil lady in The Boys coat…of all the days we forgot hers in our rush to get out of the house on time 🙂

The boy really enjoyed it…on our way home he asked if we could do more digs in the future …👍

We had a fabulous time, Penny who oversee’s the dig was so engaginh and enthusiastic about the work she does it made it all that much more enjoyable….and such a great learning experience.


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