Hack Manchester Junior

Today and tomorrow we’re at the MOSI (Manchester Science and industry Museum) for the Boy. 

This is a 2 day coding event….they are set challenges and then they can either work in groups or individually to complete the challenges and tasks and then there are presetations and awards on the second day..

The challenge the group decided on was to make a webite and app for Cancer Research UK…..

The Boy is very introverted…  the beginning he hid himself in a book… 

By the time I came back at lunch he was in a group and was having a laugh with some like minded young adults his age and getting  some info from the Hack mentors.

..and was very happy for a quick chat and then to be left for the rest of the afternoon…result! 

The whole event is live streamed each day at http://www.hackmanchester.com/junior


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