Day two of Hack Manchester Junior 2016

Well it’s all come to an end and it was a fantastic 2 days….

The whole atmosphere was wonderful..well put together and a place where the Boy gained so much confidence. fact day two he asked that he stay by himself and make is own way home.  .which is big for him…So I left him his tram ticket and phone and headed home…it did mean I wouldn’t be there for the presetations but I watched on the live stream much ingenuity and so much knowledge gained…the mentors who gave their unpaid time for the event were fantastic. The Boy learnt so much..

One of the first things he said when he walked through the door was I didn’t win. 

I asked “did you learn anything new?” to which he replied yes. “Did you enjoy it?” again yes! “Did you meet new people and enjoyed their company?” Another resounding yes.   So I told him he’d won, he now has new skills, learnt about new applications he can build on and can now use in his coding plus he knows what it’s all about so he can go back next year better prepared and have another go.

And he received a lovely shiny medal for participating 

Big win!


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