Black and British Season: History…

It annoys me that they give Black British History a season or a month however at the same time I am glad they do as it means that it at least gets an airing. The BBC season has been the focus of the Boys History learning this month… There have been some wonderful programming.. that not only teaching him about his on heritage as being part Nigerian (through myself) but about the struggle of people of colour In the UK , but also their presence in the UK from Roman times onwards……

It’s really opened his eyes  and mind….

The programming for the season can be found here BBC Black and British Season…..

It’s also lead to lots of debate about the political climate in the USA… and its history, especially related to Slavery and Racism… and how todays political climate can be seen as a result of that history….

We’ve particularly likes Black and British: A Forgotten History

We’ve even bought the book that accompanies the series from The Book People referal link  (Direct Link)

2016-11-29 16.26.55.png

He also loved Back in time for Brixton  A documentary following a family who give up their modern lives for one summer to experience what life was like for Caribbeans who immigrated to Britain in the postwar period. We’ve wacted so many of these series and this didn’t dissapoint…but he was disappointed there was only two episodes…


He’s virtually watched the whole of the programing and devoured it.. I’d highly recommend for you to watch on catch up on iplayer if you can…


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