Lil’ lady’s Adventures 

Soooo…I have more freedom with Lil. lady as no GCSE exams to worry about for a few years yet .so over the past month or so we’ve been doing lots of this…

A visit to Harry Potter Studio Tour (for the whole family) after a rocky start she really enjoyed it..we’ve been reading and watching the Harry Potter books and movies so it was fabulous to delve deeper in the world of JK Rowling. ..

We’ve had lots of baking with her taking responsibility for all stages. …

as well as lots of involvement in the kitchen to help prep food -life skills!

We’ve had a theatre visit… ok so it was a birthday gift to me from May for all the minions…but we all went along and I think the Little Shop of Horrors is a fantastic education … plus we just love the theatre..a little cultural capital is just what was ordered. …

Lots of reading…

and not just books..everything she see’s, she’s reading..Street signs… magazines…food labels you name it she’s reading it…even my emails over my shoulder ….

We are still doing short sit down sessions..usually when the boy is doing his GCSE work… Maths..comprehension and spelling. …and a little history…

Science is still a big love…but we’ve veered away from experiments at the moment do she can investigate on her own terms  ..
And lots and lots of outdoor time….

And lots of imaginative play. …being a childminder helps so much with this… she not only gets to enjoy being able to still take part in play base learning alongside my younger mindee but has the interaction with the older after school children….

Alongside our weekly climbing session she also got to attend a Home Ed skateboard session…thank to a Home Ed friend…

I’m hoping to work this in more regularly in the new year….

And today whilst the boy was busy with his Art session we visited the Manchester Art gallery…

This is what she thinks of LS Lowry…. whom I love…however Modern Japanese Art enthused her..

As did the Manchester project Strange and Familiar…

Which we agreed we’d  take our own photos and hash tag them to add them to this archive..

So we are still plodding along nicely ….I’ve just not had enough hours in the day to update the blog.  .


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