Live Science Lessons with the BBC

​Live lessons with the BBC-Lil lady’s raring 10 out of 10!!

First lesson is about taste, nutrition and digestion you can find all the info Here. .worksheets, lesson plans and a calendar of future lessons is all available there..

The down side Home Ed children cannot register to take part in entering data from experiments due to safeguarding and their interactive map 😦 but still lots of learning opportunities to be had.

We watched the lesson yesterday wirh accompany in worksheets. .Lil lady giggled all the way through -if your familiar with Cbbc then you’ll know all about the puppet Hacker.

I was so surprised when we watched Operation ouch (fab kids CBBC programme-if you’ve not watched it, get on it! ) and she recalled the info she’d learnt from the jesson earlier in the day.

Today we did the accompanying digestion experiment …

…..this was truley revolting…I wanted to gag..but amazing how the visual helped with memory. And she had great recall about the different t parts of the body, enzymes and especially where the waste comes out of the body ..she had a real giggle about that.


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