Home Education and Socialisation.

Socialisation is usually the stick Home Educators are beaten over the head with..so it was lovely to find this Business Insider article today.

Particularly this little snippet …

“A small but growing body of research suggests homeschoolers, compared to kids in traditional schools, grow up with stronger friendships with other kids, better relationships with their parents and adults, greater empathy, and, at least as adolescents, a greater sense of social responsibility.”

And from my own observations I see this too. .its just nice to see what Home Educators have been saying for years officially recognised in a study because after all no one believes the ones at the coal front unless someone with a few letters after their name conducts a study.

But this made me scoff out loud after my post yesterday and how the Home Ed mum has been lambasted by all and sundry ..especially after reading this quote;

“Technology’s rise has been so swift and widespread, much of the socialization now starts on, moves to, or somehow involves the internet – no matter the learning environment.”


I have to admit I’m a technophobe but as I type this Lil’ Lady is sat on her tablet watching a documentary on racoons. The boy is upstairs fiddling with Raspberry Pi whilst chatting over Skype with a friend.. an online friend! 

Technology is part and parcel of this generation. And as much as I’m a technophobe I’ve made connections across the globe networking with other Home Educators. Sharing philosophies, resources, experience and even sometimes commiserations. Without being plugged in we wouldn’t have the rich tapestry of learning that we do, or made the friendships we have.

So looking back at yesterday’s post and the whole uproar over Katie Pybus allowing her children to be plugged in for 7 hours a day.. its a non issue…. put aside the whole bad representation of Home Ed in the public eye and the technology side becomes a non issue.  Especially as you think about how schooled children use technology also and are constantly plugged into their phones or tablets from waking until bed time. 

Technology allows us to reach out beyond our neighbourhood, our city and even our county. It allows us to connect in real time globally…for us it means that both The Boy and Lil’ Lady can learn guitar..can access Japanese and Spanish lessons, can find information literally at their figertips…even The Boys Archive+ workshops at Central Library involve him accessing the computerised archives and how to search large databases of archives from other institutions around the world. It allows them to be adaptable to different methods of learning. They are just as comfortable sat learning over Skype (a tool they may use when older to conference call) as they are in a “normal” classroom environment, workshop or in a one to one tutoring environment. And it’s this what they take with them everywhere they go. Its this that helps round them in conjunction with all the other learning opportunities they have in the real world..from climbing lessons, swimming, forest school, playdates to negotiating the real world; taking charge when out shopping, organising events, helping to play trips and in doing so interacting with people of all walks of life, religions and ages.

All this combined has created well grounded individuals, and it is this that I often get remarked upon no matter where we go. About how mature they are when talking with adults, their confidence and sense of self and how easily they are able to adapt to an environment and yes make friendships. 

So I’ll bring my ramblings to an end as I’m being nudged to watch the racoon documentary….. 


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