The Boys research piece of Len Johnson …

The Boys Project at Archives+  came to an end today. .This is his finished work on Len Johnson the Manchester Black Boxer born in Moss Side and the colour bar in boxing and how he created an organisation to raise awareness about the colour bar and to stop discrimination..fascinating story and so proud at how much effort he put in. I love his art work too.a surprising talent I didn’t know he had.

The final work will be up on their official blog in a week or so…

Viking Forest School Day…..

We have not studied Vikings yet abd I was a luttle worried thst wgat knowledge we have wpulfnt have bern a good basis for Lil’ Lady to fo this session today. So last might we sient a few hoyrscwatchung some grwat youtube videos on Vikings thst wrre age appropriate… I am si glad we dud as it gave her ci fidence to join in the Q&A parts of the day.

Thete were lots of questions asked about what we already knew, with more information given..really please that Lil’ Lady was raising her hand – her confidence is growing daily, and her need to defer to me us lessening too.

It was really interesting. The Boy was impressed that our guide was dressed the part. .. 

The morning was full of games to begin…viking strength games plus tug of war, kubbs (like skittles). 

Then they had the story of how Runes came to be and they got to practice writing Runes.

Whilst they got on with games I headed out for a walk. As much as I love sessions like this..I know there is a need for me to give them some space..we met back up for lunch followed by getting up close and personal with Axes and Saw’s and how the Vikings used them. 

How the Vikings used their Axe in battle! 

After supervision with the axe and saw I ventured off again to let them commence weaving and firebuilding… they came out of the session happy and excited  to tell me all they’d gotten up to. Great day had by all again… 

Fabulous Greek Super Learning Day at Manchester Museum… 

Today was Lil’ Lady’s turn at the Museum for a day of Greek discovery. 

We set off very early as part of the city centre had road closures. 

We kick started the day with a self guided tour, an ipad and a  sheet of paper where we imagined we were on a voyage and we had to find items; we took pictures on the ipad. We were supposed to be in groups, however Lil’ Lady ended up by herself.

The artifacts asked for were based around ancient Greek myths, Gods and people as we went on our voyage.

For example 

“In Perseus’ myth, Perseus uses Hades’ cap of invisibility to escape from Medusa’s evil sisters.

Find Something that could turn you invisible on a sticky Situation!”

This was fab as it allowed us to explore our knowledge and recall what we already knew whilst engaging with the different artefacts in the gallery.

After we finished our self guided tour we had time for a snack then we had a Greek Myths storytelling and drama workshop. 

Here the Group examined Greek pottery for inspiration before putting into action Greek Drama techniques to create their own group myth. Using the story mountain/arch technique.

Freeze frame drama …

Artifact handling 

Look how happy that face is…. and then she proceeds to describe how the sword is blunt be a use it got stool in bone when it killed a man… (definatley my child)

The last session after lunch was all about trade.

So after a talk about the 4 city states they’ll be using to do their own trade activity..Athens, Tyre, Naucratis, Kroton. (I was surprised at how far the Greek Empire spread) each group was given a home city, where they had to investigate what they had to trade (traditional ancient Greek artifacts.) Then they were to become the traders of those cities as they went on a journey around the room visiting the different cities to trade. Except they moved around the room like a giant board game…

Getting closer to my city to trade 

And they’ve made it… 

The game was the perfect end to the day. ..Lil’ Lady had a fabulous time and made a few new friends, and enjoyed meeting up with old ones…and I was surprised at her confidence today.. a big  👍 from me too! 

Museum DNA Workshop…

After the safety talk and an explanation on DNA the group got stuck into an experiment – to find out if the DNA on evidence (coins) matched the DNA from a dead body.

They got to extract DNA which The Boy said was pretty cool. 

                    (Transferring DNA)

He also was impressed they had a female scientist conducting the workshop.. 

A very proud Lil’ Lady

Live Science Lessons with the BBC

​Live lessons with the BBC-Lil lady’s raring 10 out of 10!!

First lesson is about taste, nutrition and digestion you can find all the info Here. .worksheets, lesson plans and a calendar of future lessons is all available there..

The down side Home Ed children cannot register to take part in entering data from experiments due to safeguarding and their interactive map 😦 but still lots of learning opportunities to be had.

We watched the lesson yesterday wirh accompany in worksheets. .Lil lady giggled all the way through -if your familiar with Cbbc then you’ll know all about the puppet Hacker.

I was so surprised when we watched Operation ouch (fab kids CBBC programme-if you’ve not watched it, get on it! ) and she recalled the info she’d learnt from the jesson earlier in the day.

Today we did the accompanying digestion experiment …

…..this was truley revolting…I wanted to gag..but amazing how the visual helped with memory. And she had great recall about the different t parts of the body, enzymes and especially where the waste comes out of the body ..she had a real giggle about that.

Gallery Hacks…

The local Gallery has started to do Home Education sessions for teens during the week… 

I’m so excited about it..and the only reason  they’ve extended the service because so many home educated children use the holiday sessions .

So this week is week 2 of 4 sessions. ..

Last week it was a Chinese New Year themed activity involving circuits and the bot was pleased with what he was able to design and create ..

This week they got messy. ..creating using paint,  shaving foam and ink. ..the boy opted to do ink prints… I love the finished print. ..

But I love that he’s able to break up the week and get away from the more formal studies of his GCSE’s and do something totally different and be creative.