I am trying to make geography fun. So each time we visit a place we research it first then visit places of historical interst etc. Plus i have friends send us postcards from where the live or are holidaying around the world and each time we recieve a postcard we research that place.

I have a big wrold map on the wall and we stick that countries flag on the map as well as the postcard linking to it.

A place to request and exchange postcards from others around the world.

Little passports. This is something you can buy into but I am too cheap and too poor to do it. So I look for free inspration to do this myself. This is fab! Lots of inspiration and ideas. And i am also a member of a facebook group which has ideas abotu how to do little passports on your own Passports around the world!

A great place for kids to research. Kids World Travel Guide!

New York Department of State fun facts for Kids New York
Fun Facts for Kids about New York

Activity village around the world resources

EU bookshop has tonnes of resources to download or order for free and have sent to you. A kids corner with lots of free resources aimed at children packed with varying info about the European Union and other topics.
And for our Geography project this passport which is packed full of info on different countries in the EU, Flag stickers, and a place to write about different countries a child may have visited or researched. Bonus- it is free!


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