IGCSE English Language (A) A-G resources

Estatic to say The Boy and his Big Sissy  both pssed with a Grade A each, in the Summer 2017 sitting of this exam. They are both literature lovers, but ask them to analyse the way it is needed for the exam and it’s like pulling teeth. The resources below really helped us in our journey;

Our main text book:

Came across a teachers blog From the John Lyon School Harrow Anthology resources – blog 

It has some fab info for IGCSE Edexel lang A and lit plus a few other bits… we are doing the A-G.. great podcast here on how to tackle English Lang A paper 1 https://jwpblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/141016_001.mp3

We sat with a past paper in front of us taking notes and the accompanying powerpint found on his blog post HERE

Plus the English Department has a youtube channel with videos they did for students to prep for exams – link to PLAYLISTS which we are finding useful.

Youtube Playlist from Homeschool eLearning on the anthologies plus a paper 1 video too  HERE

Mr Hoyles GCSE website I really like. Click on the Lang tab on the left hand side (had stuff on Lit too) I like how each anthology piece has 3 seperate annotations looking at different aspects of the anthology. My two liked this as there were some things they hadn’t considered before when anotating. Plus there is a nice little hints and tips section.

UGSC English Department Playlist Pretty good paper 1 advice. Have a look through other video’s as there are a few that relate to various papers and would be good to do those papers as mocks, mark and then use the feebback videos. Plus there is THIS video for prepping for Paper 2.

BBC GCSE Bitesize English Language