Maths A/Higher IGCSE resources

Really happy to announce The Boy passed his Maths IGCSE with a grade B in the summer 2017 sitting of the exam.

we mainly used this book:

Plus lots of past papers for Edexcel


HERE (Plus other subjects) I really like this as it caters for IGCSE Maths, and if The Boy is stuck I can send him here as it is all set out nicely. Lots of youtube videos that you can access throught the website or directly from youtube

Hegarty Maths Youtube KS3 GCSE and A Level Maths Help .. the website is HERE but we only use the Youtube vids

Mathsgenie GCSE Revision

Maths Takeaway Great little quick revsion site.. great to test knowledge or to have a break from past papers

Mathasaurus Links take you to video’s which exlpain the diffrent topic areas  easily understandable. Does say GCSE but also link to IGCSE   – past papers included here.

Free Maths revsion games – including Calculus

This looks good and may be useful to sign up to nearer the exam for help with revision etc.. We haven’t tried it yet but worth a look Absolute Maths

Map of Mathmatics – rally cool explains how all Maths is linked.

Save My Exams Great for Maths but also has resources for all the science. At IGCSE, GCSE, A Level etc.. some free, but to get the most out of the site it is best to subscribe to full membership – not too expensive.