KS1/2 Science!

A Brief History of Everything,. Neil deGrasse Tyson ..8 mins

National Stem Centre

Europena Space Education Resoucre Office

Movies about Real Scientists for kidsBritish Science Week Activity Packs.

Royal Institute.
ExpeRimental A series of short films making it fun, easy and cheap to do science at home with your children.

Mystery Science This is a fabulous site. I signed up for a free years membership. Lessons using questions and visual learning as well as an experiment which is explained very clearly and resources neeed outlined.

Free printable worksheets
Easy science for kids web page

Science Videos for kids American, but very good. Kindergarten to year 7.

Free Home Ed science guide

Learn about the human anatomy – interactive!

BBC Human Body and Mind. Interactive!

Human Body Activities.

How the body works.

SPACE: Youtube Videos
20 minute programme on learning facts about each planet and the solar system.

Fab Youtube video about the planets. I learnt something too. Planets

A song about the Solar System

Planets Song

Solar System Rap

Sun Rap

Moon Rap

Earth Song

Star Rap

Natural History Museum. Interactive, facts, info, Dino’s Volcanoes, SPace, Nature cams etc

Khan Academy from age 5 plus, younger children with assistance. Covers a multitude of subjects and age ranges. just click on the subjects link at the top Talks, tutorials, tests. Its fab because it is free. Have a play around with it.

TED-Ed Periodic Videos A lesson about every single element on the periodic table

How Stuff Works Science

Dyson Foundation, Yes Dyson vaccum. Have an ideas box you can send for free. Plus activity cards to help with design, engineering, science and maths.

Will add more links as and when I find them and of course use them 🙂


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