The Boys research piece of Len Johnson …

The Boys Project at Archives+  came to an end today. .This is his finished work on Len Johnson the Manchester Black Boxer born in Moss Side and the colour bar in boxing and how he created an organisation to raise awareness about the colour bar and to stop discrimination..fascinating story and so proud at how much effort he put in. I love his art work too.a surprising talent I didn’t know he had.

The final work will be up on their official blog in a week or so…


Street Art and City Scapes. ..

Since half term the Boy has been taking advantage of sessions at Manchester Central Library Achieves +

They have had on Art sessions for the Home Ed community (arranged by a Home Ed parent) themed  around Manchester and Street Art/City Scapes which has been fabulous for a continuation of our street art Adventures this past year (  see my previous post  HERE)

The  first session they looked at literal street art and the architecture of the buildings in Manchester City centre…

Then today he went on an  art walk… sketching city scapes on umbrellas whilst learning about the History of some of the buildings in Manchester.Old and New.
Manchester town hall- it’s bell tower 280 feet tall, with 25 bells and it too 14 million bricks to build and it’s outer wall is 7ft thick.

The Midland Hotel- has  7 different types of marble and it’s where the meeting of Mr Royles and Mr Royce took place and Royles Royce was born…ad they have a suit names after them.

The Gmex -used to be a railway station in the 1800’s until tracks expanded into the city centre…it was refurbished in the 80s/90s into an event centre..  its now called Manchester Central and Central Library itself ….

(These are the Boys highlights)

Even my eldest took part…and absolutely adored it so well repeat this on our own with Lil’ Lady too.

In the New Year they’ll continue doing a history project on Manchester.. The Boy and his friend will be using an animation program to create a film on  the changing nature of Manchester over the past hundred years..